Your man cheated on you and you found out that he lied to the other woman by telling her he was single or not dating anyone.  What sense does being mad at her and giving your cheating man a pass make?  Stop passing the blame onto the other woman so that you won’t have to deal with the possibility of losing a loser.  Is it insecurity that makes you stay with someone that lies and cheats on you?  Or is it fear of being alone?

If you won’t stand up for yourself you will continue to be walked over…


    • Arleen, that is true but why be with someone and still feel alone. Passing blame onto the other woman is just prolonging the pain.

  1. I have never understood that anger towards the other woman. The other woman never made a promise to you so why attack her? If she knew he was involved, that’s skanky/slutty of her, but even then, that woman is not your problem Your cheatin’,lyin’, two-faced man is the problem.


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