Listening to the advice of others when it comes to your relationship instead of talking to your significant other is like having your friend take the medicine to make your Flu go away.  Talk to your spouse (boyfriend/girlfriend) when there is an issue instead of listening to the advice of 3rd parties who don’t know the entire story or have your best interest at heart.  Listening to the advice of others will not only cloud your judgement and delay a meaningful resolution, it may also cause a bigger problem between you two.  To keep it short and the point, if they are not sleeping in your bed, keep them out of your relationship decisions!!!

Author: B.A.M


  1. Sometimes third party’s advice is needed but only if you can fully trust the person you are confiding in. Sometimes our own judgment is clouded or opinion is bias as we are “in” and see things totally different than others who are on the “outside” looking in. When you think of all those women who are physically and verbally abused is a clear example of people seeing the relationship differently than an outsider as they stay in the relationship and view it as nothing’s wrong. You also may think you are over reacting in any given situation and want the opinion of someone who can offer an unbiased opinion. You are correct when you stated that many people don’t have your best interest at heart or may secretly look for you to fail in your relationship. If you are lucky to find someone who you can confide in who truly cares for your happiness, I say why not get their opinion as it could save the relationship. Thanks for sharing…Great short piece.

    • Angela22,
      Thanks for the great comment. You are correct when you talk about the women who are physically and verbally abused but the sad part is that a lot of the women in those positions will get mad when you try to give them advice or will just completely ignore you. If you do have someone who you can confide in that truly cares for your happiness then you should get their opinion. the ones that you need to watch out for are those people who can’t stay in a relationship and always want to offer advice that is never in the best interest of your relationship. I look forward to reading more comments from you when you have time…


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