After getting married I started noticing that the DVR was creeping up on 87% full more often than not.  So I start my investigation because I wanted to make sure that I had all the facts before I start my accusational (yes I know that’s not a word but you know what I mean) rant on deleting programs once you watched them.   The DVR was full of House wife’s of (insert city here), at least 5 different HGTV shows (also multiple recordings of each), DR Phil and that dag gone Fix My Life chick, oh and we can’t forget all of the Oprah shows.


Engaged couples should check out their partners DVR to get a better example of what TV shows they will be forced or coerced into watching once they are in the same household.

Sure the simple solution would be to get another DVR but I can’t do that.  That would mean paying full price for the DVR rental until my contract is up in a few months and then adding it back into a package deal for a few dollars cheaper upon renewal.

Anywho, what could be worse than getting to the good part of a drama series where you are just about to find out that the butler wasn’t the killer and BAM a pop up comes on the TV saying “Cancel one of the programs that are being recorded to stay on this channel?”  For a while I couldn’t figure out why this kept happening then I saw the pop up and heard the pitter patter of not so little feet running to the bathroom.

When I came upstairs to have a discussion about my new findings, this is how the conversation went:

Me – Did you just record a second show so that you could go to the bathroom

Her – yes, why?

Now to most men this next question makes perfect sense.

Me – why didn’t you just wait for a commercial and then go to the bathroom.

I think this is a perfectly logical way to do things because I can cook an entire delicious dinner during an hour long show by just visiting the kitchen during commercial breaks.  (Sometimes you have to adjust the heat if you are cooking on the stove to just a flicker so you can simmer for a longer period of time, but I digress).

Now to most women reading this, her response makes perfect sense.

Her – because I figured I would brush my teeth and take a shower while I was in there.

Me – (confused) then why didn’t you just wait until the show was over and get in the shower.

Here is another answer that most women deem as acceptable but most men will be confused.

Her – Because I couldn’t wait to pee.

Me – What does peeing have to do with waiting to take a shower.  Why didn’t you pee and then come back in the room and watch the rest of your show then take a shower and brush your teeth?

Ladies here is another great answer for you

Her – Because I was already in the bathroom.

Me – more confused… HUH?

Her – If I am already in the bathroom why come out when I can just get in the shower?

Me – But, um Why, hmmm I would have, well never mind, I guess what I am trying to say is you are a DVR hog.

Her – No I’m not

Me – (thinking I got you now cause I just checked the recorded shows before I came upstairs) grabbing the remote and hitting the DVR button – see you have like 6 DR Phil’s, 4 housewives, 3 of this and a few of that’s and some more of the other things.

Here is another perfectly acceptable answer for some women

Her – So!!!

Me – by tomorrow you we won’t be able to record anything; it is at 87 % full.  When I lived alone it never made it over 40%

Her – well now there are two of us so I’m only using my 40% (ladies are smiling right now thinking that she got me)

Me – No I only have 2 shows that I didn’t get to watch yet the other 30 shows are yours.  (Men in my head I gave myself a high five while saying “Gotcha”)

Her – So!!! (Then tried to look at me with a serious face until we both started laughing)

Her – Ok I will try to remember to delete some of the shows after I watch them and will try to wait until the show is over to get in the shower.

Me – When the contract is over I’m going to get you your very own DVR then you can do what you want with it.

Her – and when it gets full I will just go back to recording on the one in the living room.

Me – (trying to keep a straight face) I will just cancel the recording. LOL

This is how a lot of our conversations go with both of us standing our ground in a playful way until one of us catches the other one and they are forced to give in.  We don’t let our pride get in the way of the bigger picture which is us growing together and learning how to deal with each other every day so that we can change together.  We have both checked our egos way before we said “I DO” and when it comes to arguments “We DON’T.

Instead of arguing we discuss, instead of yelling we talk, and instead of letting something that bothers us fester we have a conversation about it then (or within a not so long time frame) and let it go.  I have witnessed some people have a silly situation like this turn into one of them storming out or having to sleep on the couch.  We refuse to live that way and have made the decision to work on our marriage and communication rather than work each other’s nerves.

Author B.A.M


  1. You are so right and it is important to talk about what annoys you.
    With my wife everything I do annoys her. Talking, laughing, breathing…
    If I went out to sea on my own so no woman could hear would I still be wrong?
    Answers on postcards please (women excluded as all your answers would be the same)

    • Lok … yes you would still be wrong. If you don’t talk about what annoys you overtime it will just keep building up until you finally blow up. Which will cause a whole set of new issues.

  2. These type of arguments are so funny from the outside but can get very frustrating from the inside. Everybody finds irritants, it is how big and out of control they become that is a problem.

  3. okay, this tells me that my blindness has kept me out of an argument. I can’t see to check the dvr or to program any shows. so if its on there i didn’t put it there. If its full, that’s not my problem either. of course, the government just mandated that all tv’s and tv like devices have to be able to produce spoken menus in a year or so. so til then I’m golden. great you can end up laughing about it. and don’t forget oprah is off of tv, so if you delete those episodes they are gone for good. Hey I can see or that is hear both sides. take care, max

  4. Hey Jay yes, well worth the read. At one time I heard Americans and Brits described as “2 Nations Divided By A Common Language” It seems we could say the same about men and women ! Fortunately I don’t have TV here, just a giant external drive with about 1 zillion hours of film and recordings. I don’t know what is the hold up with BHB but another group you might try is Blog To Build Your Business which Laurie Hurley started on Google+. It posts every Tuesday and many of the BHB regular plus several others also post and comment there


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