Don’t let a temporary miscommunication become a permanent problem in your relationship.  Instead of jumping to a conclusion and going off, stay calm, and discuss what was said. More times than not you will realize that what was said was taken out of context.  All it takes is a simple talk about what you meant by what you said and how the other person understood what you were trying to say.  I can’t say it enough, that good communication is one of the main keys to having a successful relationship and growing together.

Author: B.A.M



  1. Communication is definitely a great tool and necessity in any relationship. The long standing joke, “honey does this dress make me look fat” probably originated from a mis-communicated message between a couple. In today’s society there is so much stress from work, to home, to finances, raising a family that many people are on edge and unfortunately very sensitive. When we are stress, not much thought comes out of what we say when we reply, because we don’t want to be bothered and just look to give a quick response, hence miscommunication. Bottom Line: If you don’t understand, ask immediately. Great short piece

    • Right now one of the biggest problems is that a lot of parents aren’t communicating with their children or each other. People are so busy with the everyday hustle and bustle that they have lost sight of the reason that they got married in the first place. Sometimes the truth hurts and needs to be said in order to move forward in a positive direction and like you said “if you don’t understand, ask immediately”. Thanks for another great comment.


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