I know that most people who read the title will think that this article is only about someone cheating on their spouse.  That will not be the case here.  Yes, we will discuss cheaters, but what we’ll talk more about is a few examples of how faithful couples can make each other feel like they are in a “One Sided Faithful Marriage”

The Consistent Cheater

Ok, let’s get the obvious out of the way.  There are people who will constantly cheat on their spouse and after a while it seems like they don’t care about getting caught anymore.  This is the type of person who is so disrespectful that they will bring another woman or man to “cheat” with them in their own home.  The person who is being cheated on is in it for the long haul and keeps praying that their spouse will begin to act right and maybe one day they will, but until that day comes Mr. or Mrs. Faithful ends up feeling like they are in a “One Sided Faithful Marriage”.

How Can You Help If You Are Never Home

This section is devoted to the man in the marriage who claims to do so much for the family but is never home.  This delusional man will swear up and down that he is “pulling his weight,” but how can he, when he is not there.  This man will get mad when his wife brings it up to him and will have the nerve to say something stupid like “What, I just took out the garbage?”  In his mind that equates to 50/50, I guess math wasn’t his strong suit in school.

This type of man is always too tired to do family activities but will jump up off the couch and be out the door without his feet touching the floor to meet his buddy at the local watering hole (bar for the non-alcoholics).  There is always a game somewhere that he is meeting his friends to go see or some other social event that he just has to go to (sounds like a teenager whose world will fall apart if they can’t make the school dance).  Every time this non-family man is asked to do something the answer is always “I will do it later”, but when later comes around he is no longer home.  Even though he isn’t technically cheating, his wife is left feeling like she is in a “One Sided Faithful Marriage”.

Some Women No Longer Do Wifely Things

Ladies… I know you didn’t think that you were off the hook here!  Some of you can be more selfish and a lot worse than the men.  Some women are too busy trying to climb the corporate ladder that they lose the bond that they once had with their children.  The man has a career too but has learned to balance home and work life and will try to help his wife with this, but she thinks he is just jealous of her career.  What this type of woman doesn’t understand is that her “presence” is worth more than the “presents”.

In her mind her working long hours and never spending time with her kids is helping the family out.  Yes it may help out financially but what about emotionally?  The husband and children need you and would rather have a few less nice material things if you could sit down and watch a movie with them, do homework with the kids, or even eat dinner with them a few times a week.  The mother use to be the glue that held the family together, but now she is more like invisible ink; meaning that you may see her for a few seconds but then she disappears leaving the husband feeling like he is in a “One Sided Faithful Marriage”.

Oh, and I won’t even start talking about the shortage of women who no longer cook for their families.  Click on this link to read more about this [Fix Your Man a Sandwich]

In this article I touched on a few different ways that a so called “partner” could make their spouse feel like they are in a “One Sided Faithful Marriage”.  The gender in these examples can be switched based on the people involved so please no comments about ballnchainz being biased.  Being in a faithful marriage doesn’t just mean that you aren’t having an affair with another person.  The main point of this article is to show that an extra marital affair can be with your job or with the idea of being out and about in the mix of things.

Next time your friends ask you to meet them somewhere and you haven’t spent any quality time with your family, what are you going to do?  When 4:30pm comes around and you haven’t eaten dinner with your family all week, if it is a choice of finishing the assignment or going home to be with your family what will you do?  The choices that you make can either make or break your family, so choose wisely.


  1. I agree with all the sentiments expressed in this editorial and would like to add, that people spending an inordinate amount of time on social media or having an unhealthy attachment to mobile phones can also contribute to disconnect in relationships.

    • I agree with toy Collette and thanks for the great comment. With that being said don’t forget to share this and other articles on ballnchainz on your social media… lol


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