In 2013 more and more parents are not emotionally equipped or responsible enough to raise their own children.  Children do not only need, but they yearn for the love and affection of their parents.  So many times parents let their kids down with their selfishness or negativity to the point where a kid will stop caring.  If you do not have an emotional connection with your kids, eventually the child will look for that connection elsewhere which will lead to bigger problems.  Raise your children with love and respect before someone in the streets fools them into thinking street love is the way to go.

You are not their friends you are their parents

Kids go through a bunch of friends in their life time and they don’t need you to be one of them.  Stop worrying about trying to be the cool parent and just be a parent. I saw a father in his early 30 with his teenage son and both of them had their pants hanging off of their butts showing their dirty draws.  What happened to setting the example for the kids?   Well there is really nothing else to say about that because this section title really says it all except grow up and be PARENTS and actually raise your children.

Children Raising Children

There are a lot of teenage parents out there that barely know how to wipe their own butts who now have the responsible for shaping the mindset of a child (this should scare everyone reading this with the way teenagers act in this day and age).  These parents are still selfish themselves and don’t have time to spend nurturing a child leaving this duty mostly to the worn down grandparents.  What these parents fail to understand is that once you have a child your life isn’t about you anymore.  Your life is now about raising the life you brought into this world.   Parents should concentrate on trying to keep the children on the right path instead of leading them to the same destruction that they are in.  Parents should encourage their kids to do well in school, but how can they, when a lot of parent thinks the teacher should be the only one teaching. Family time is a dying fad and on those rare occasions when the parent is home the TV is watching the children.  Television is a poor substitute for you time.   This lack of connection between the parent and the kids is the beginning of all the issues that will soon arise.  This is equivalent of building a house on a cracked foundation.  It’s not a matter of if the house will fall but when.

Daddy where are you

The role of the father is now being replaced with grandparents and the mother’s friends.  Fathers are supposed to be the strong support system for the kids, but a lot of times they are the missing fixture that the kids go looking for elsewhere when they get older.  For the fathers who are there, playing Madden or NBA live for hours while you’re supposed to be spending time with your kids is not the quality time that they are looking for.  Fathers have become so weak that kids eventually stop caring or respecting them.  Why would a child listen to you when you tell them to do something when you’re never around and the few times that you come around you treat them like crap.  Let’s not forget about the father who says he is selling drugs to feed his family and that a minimum wage job is not good enough for him.  It’s only a matter of time before this father is missing too.  Either the father gets killed or ends up in jail making less than if he would have just taken a job at a fast food restaurant.  So now your kid is fatherless and thinks that selling drugs is the way to go.  It’s a shame when the father and son or mother and daughter both end up in the same prison, but this happens more often than you think.  Fathers are supposed to be the load bearers who carry the weight of the family and show kids how to be strong and disciplined.  The issue here is the father was never shown how to be a man and isn’t strong enough to think for himself so he just keeps repeating the same ignorant cycle that he learned.

Parents aren’t what they used to be

Next you have the parent that cares more about becoming successful and making money that they forget about being there for the children.  Back in the day the father and son would go in the yard and throw the ball around. Now the father is too busy to go to the son’s game and if he is there his nose is in his phone or iPad sending emails or texts.  Back in the day the mother would teach her daughter how to cook.  Now the mother is too busy or can’t cook herself and can only show the daughter which button to push on the microwave.  Throwing the ball around and showing a kid how to cook wasn’t about the act, it was about the action of spending time together.  This is when parents and kids used to bond and share their love with one another.  Now parents think that buying the kid gifts is bonding.  Those $200 Jordan’s or expensive video games won’t replace the hole in their hearts from all of the parent-less days and nights that the kid spent wishing they were in your arms even if you were in the next room.  Material objects can’t comfort a love wanting soul.  Material objects won’t replace your standing ovation at their dance recital or play.  A parent’s presence and attention is worth more to a child than having the latest and greatest things.  Your money is not an equal replacement for your affection.  Parents affection is like the roof of a house and should be there at all time covering the children making them feel safe and secure.

Yeah parents aren’t what they used to be.  They are younger, selfish, missing, non-cooking, over worked individuals that their children still love in spite of all their wrong doing.  Parents please become the foundation and load bearing teachers that children need at an early age.  Also become the type of parents that cover them with affection so that they know what real love is and won’t fall victim to so called street love, or go looking for love in a scumbag.  Be an active participant in their lives and not only have fun with them but also be the disciplinarians that a child needs in order for them to grow up to be strong free thinking positive individuals.

Written By  B.A.M



  1. So many times a parent tries to buy a kids affection unaware that objects don’t replace a parents time. There have been so many kids that grew up with the parent giving them everything but their time and after a while the kid started acting up and often times ended up in jail. This article is exactly correct, parents do need to spend more time with their kids

    • Thank you for the comment. yes a lot of times the kid ends up going to the street to look for the love that they weren’t getting at home. They end up falling in with the wrong crowd and sometimes end up in jail. Parents need to understand that their time is more valuable then their gifts (especially to the younger ones)


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