Married with A New Friend

Married with A New Friend
Jubair and Tyanna

Some people believe that once you get married you are no longer allowed to make new friends of the opposite sex. Others believe that because of the business they are in that it is ok to make new friends of the opposite sex due to the fact that they are the support system that helps their business/brand grow. There are times when this is innocent and then there are the other times when the new friend wants more than to be just friends. In the attached video we may have a little of both. The couple Royale and April (aka Wife) have a video blog called After I Do on Facebook and youtube where they share experiences of their relationship all while keeping it real and raw. Click this link After I Do – New friend calls at 7am and let us know your thoughts on this subject and their video.

Also check out some of their other videos on their Facebook page Facebook – After I do or Youtube page Youtube – After I Do

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Jubair and Tyanna

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