As a kid I remember watching Leave it to Beaver, The Brady Bunch and later on The Cosby Show and thinking to myself, I can’t wait to get married. What the shows of yesteryear (this is another word I couldn’t wait to use in an article) left out is how much work marriage can be (click on this link to read another article we wrote called Marriage Takes Work But Shouldn’t Feel Like a Job) and how hard it is to live with another human being day in and day out. Couples today seem to not be able to or willing to put in the hard work to make a successful “Marriage Today.”

Marriage Today and Gone Tomorrow

In this fast paced world that is full of instant gratification couples are quick to get married and even faster when it comes to getting divorced. Today’s younger generation act like marriage is an App on their smart phone that they can just remove or upgrade when they get tired of their older model. Couples today no longer take the time to get to know each other and just like with speed dating or dating online people are more into getting in quick and getting out even quicker at the first sign of a struggle or trouble in their marriage.

It seems like the more technology we have the less compassionate we have become. Couples no longer communicate when out on dates because they are to busy looking at status updates instead of spending the time looking at each other discussing the days events or just making small talk. Romance is dying while technology is thriving and through it all marriages are just being thrown away.

Patience in Your Relationship

I have been out and heard couples arguing because one didn’t respond to the text the other sent fast enough. What type of world are we living in when arguments are started because of a text or a response that wasn’t fast enough. This type of instant gratification is what a lot of newly married people expect out of their relationships and when it doesn’t happen they’re ready to call it quits.

In “Marriage Today” as a society we have lost our patience and even more importantly we have lost the art of communication. A lot of couples will spend more time sending broken English texts to each other instead of calling or talking face to face. Proper communication needs to be relearned and I fear unless someone comes up with an App for that (communication) the future of marriages will be lost.

Fantasy Island

A lot of couples in bad marriages look at happy couples as if they are living on Fantasy Island. They feel that the happy couple is faking their happiness because they are so miserable and would feel better if others were to join them. Instead of spending time admiring, hating or wanting the relationship of other couple they need to work on their own relationship and find away to strengthen it.

Misery loves company and people in failing relationships want others to join them in their pain instead of working to make their marriage successful. As a happily married couple you need to surround yourself with like minded happily married couples. You shouldn’t have to defend your marriage, spouse, or happiness to people who are bitter and will soon be single. Remove the negativity from your circle and watch how much better your marriage becomes.

Love Being Married

My wife and I both love being married to each other and we refuse to let the distractions of this fast paced world become an interference. We are constantly discussing our likes and dislikes with one another and refuse to let pride get in the way of our production and growth. We use technology as a tool to enhance our communication and let each other know if one feels that it is becoming a distraction. We have our separate time and hobbies but we also do a lot of things together which is important if couples want to enjoy a genuine loving and growing “Marriage Today”.


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