Once again BnCz has come across another great video that we wanted to share with our readers so we contacted the owner and got their permission to post it on our site.  After watching this video make sure that you visit the Marriage is Our Ministry website http://www.marriageisourministry.com  and Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/marriageisourministry.  In the following video Oliver Marcelle is speaking on this simple but important subject of assigning value to yourself, your relationship, and your spouse.


  1. Hi Jay,
    I think we also unconsciously assign a value to a person within the split second that we assess them upon meeting. Also, if we were to meet in person, and I was anticipating the meeting based upon your character, I may assign a higher value beforehand. When I meet you, and tell myself that you are the most important person I’m ever going to meet, I make it possible to remember your name and attach value to the meeting.

    I also think when it comes to value, much like Oliver expressed in the video, we also need to value our time. If we don’t, certainly no one else will either.

    Kind Regards,


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