This weekend the wife and I had the pleasure of attending a great marriage investment summit called Because Your Worth It .  The presenters were John and Portia Scott and I have to admit that I was pleasantly surpised by there knowledge and the great and funny way that they presented their material.  The presentation was so good that the wife and I (and a few other friends) asked them to come back and possibly make it a weekend marriage retreat.  We also joined them for dinner where we received some more of their great jewels of wisdom while sharing stories over a great meal.

The Scotts can be found on Facebook at where they share more of their wisdom and they also answer questions in a video blog on youtube.  The question that they are answering in the video below is from a subscriber.  Make sure you check out the rest of their videos on Youtube and remember to subscribe to their Facebook page.

I Want a Divorce!….. I Think?



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