There are some women who need jewelry or some kind of gift to make them happy, while others may just want their spouse to show them more attention.  Even though the wife needs to communicate with her husband when he is slipping or is doing a great job, ultimately it is up to the husband to be in tune with his wife.  One of the main ways for a husband to keep his wife happy is to keep the lines of communication open.  A woman feels special when she knows that she is heard and feels appreciated when her man is more willing to share his thoughts and feelings with her…

Author: B.A.M


  1. This is so true. I am fortunate to have a husband that knows this but there are so many men that have not matured to this way of being. Maybe you could have a forum that brings more men into a conversation like this. It could make for much better relationships. Looking forward to more articles! Great topics

    • Thanks for the great feedback. Feel free to check out the other articles on here and comment on them as well. Also make sure to share them on your social media by clicking the share buttons at the end of the articles… Thanks again

  2. Simple truth that is often overlooked. Thanks for this and the other great postings. This site is a very refreshing look at modern relationships and practical ways to strengthen them.


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