The economist says that the recession is over and that the housing market is stabilizing, but for most couples money is still tight. Couples are struggling trying to make ends meet while also trying to keep the romance going. How do you have date nights when there is no money left over after you have paid most of the bills? Somehow, there has to be a way to save money and relieve the couple’s financial stress so they can go out on date nights

Brew your own coffee

Ok I get it you have to have that caffeine fix in the morning. I personally don’t drink the stuff but I have my own vices so I won’t judge you. Why do you spend 5 bucks in the morning getting a caffe mocha latte something or other, or go to the other chain coffee bean store and get an iced this or that. By the way, 5 bucks is me saying that you are only drinking one cup a day (with or without a pastry) which most of you don’t do but for this example we will just go with that. So 5 bucks a day multiplied by 5 (work) days is 25 smackeroos a week. That’s $100 a month unless there are five weeks in that month, and then it’s more. Here is where you can make up some savings, by brewing your own coffee at home. Sure it might not be the high priced name that you pay for when you go out and buy it every morning, and it may not be scolding hot to the point where you want to sue them when you are driving and it spills on your lap, but it will get the job done. If you were to do this 3 times a week (because I don’t want you quitting cold turkey) you would save $15 a week or $60 a month. Take that savings and get your wife a gift card to a restaurant and have a date night. You may have to add a few bucks to the bill depending on where you go. But the point is you saved enough money to go out with your wife and have a pretty decent night. The reason I said get a gift card to a restaurant is because then you will have to spend it at that restaurant and not on a bill. This is a save your marriages romance type of tip so just go with it, but the key is that you use it with your spouse. Maybe once a month get her a gift card to one of her favorite stores so she can get something for herself. Now ladies, this gift card is for you and you only so don’t go dragging your man to the store messing up his 3 hours of sitting on the couch mindlessly watching TV while you are out enjoying yourself shopping (LOL i guess that would make it a gift for both of you).

Go make your man a sandwich

It seems like a lot of women in the 25 – 35 age group are too independent to be waiting on a man or just plain can’t cook, but if you are married and trying to save money you better learn or be able to make a really good sandwich for him. A man can spend anywhere from 6 – 10 dollars a day on lunch so we will take the average and say $8 a day is spent on lunch. Time for math class again. If you took $8 multiplied by 5 days that equals $40 a week spent buying food for lunch while at work. Now remember money is tight, but it doesn’t have to be that tight. Imagine if you cooked (or made a hell of a sandwich) and your husband could bring lunch to work 3 days out of the week. You could be saving $24 a week in lunch costs. So over a month that is almost $100 a month unless it’s leap year then you have to add 4 and divide by 22 (I just wanted to have some fun with some of my mathematically challenged readers so ignore that leap year part). If your man likes going to the movies, get him a gift card to the local movie theater for another date night or if you want to be completely giving, get him a gift card to Game Stop if he plays video games.

Just do something nice for each other

Now the examples above are interchangeable between man and woman so no nasty comments about women don’t need to cook for men or men saying my wife drinks more coffee than I do. Also, I am aware that groceries cost money and bringing lunch to work isn’t free, but it is still cheaper than buying it every day. The point to this article isn’t a man vs. woman or free lunch thing, it is a saving money thing. It’s funny how reading the coffee savings didn’t seem like a lot but when you add it to bringing your lunch to work you are saving almost $40 a week. Just by doing things at home like brewing coffee or bringing lunch to work the couple saves around $160 a month. Image if the husband and wife both drank coffee at home and brought lunch to work. Now, your savings has just doubled and you could do something nice for each other and save a little bit as well!!!
I will leave this article off with some additional things that couples could do to spend time out together that are still cost efficient:

• going to breakfast instead of dinner
• have an adult night out and just have appetizers
• getting up earlier on the weekends and going to matinee movies instead of the night showing

Well this should get you started and remember that you can add to your savings by working together and coming up with a REALISTIC budget that includes other cost saving tips similar to what is in this article.

Author: B.A.M


  1. Your ideas are very practical. My wife and I have been able to do all in almost 23 years of marriage. The breakfast idea is one of the best. As we get older it seems that breakfast together becomes a fleeting idea. Great job!

  2. Love that Jay and am very happy to say we do most of the things you mentioned. With the exception of bringing lunch to work. Oh, and we do go out for breakfast but lately have been cooking it at home only because it is a great follow up to that Italian espresso I make for her in the morning…she likes that.

  3. Hmm… good ideas for some, but my husband and I work from home. Breakfast and lunch together on our patio looking at the mountains. Husband is the chef – so he always makes a delicious dinner. I love my green tea, ordered out or brewed at home. So, I guess we save money because we don’t go out to eat that often. Get better food right here! However, good suggestions for working couples outside of the home and for the younger set. We are pushing 60.

    • Ooh the good old days of working from home. I saved so much money when i worked from home and always ate healthier and better.. i have to say that i am a little jealous (but don’t tell anyone).

  4. These are great ideas, especially for those who are always complaining they have no money while they order pizza for supper two or three times a week. Wish more people could read this.

  5. Great tips for people who are always spending money on coffee and eating out.
    I must be frugal or cheap, I eat and drink at home 🙂

  6. Jay, I think gift cards are a great idea. Sometimes they may be perceived as effortless so its important to accompany them with something that has involved considerable thought but subject to that many would prefer the gift of their own choice

    • Yes sometimes they can seem like they are effortless that’s why i suggest getting a gift card for date nights as well. Thanks for the comment

    • That is the way to go.. spending time with your spouse while it doesn’t cost you babysitting or time away from your kids

  7. I’m pleased to say that my husband and I do all of the above. At some point I realized i was spending about $200 or more a month on lunch and I wasn’t even enjoying it. My husband who has never understood the concept of buying food from a restaurant when perfectly good (often better) food was at home was my inspiration for bringing lunch.

  8. My husband and I have been brewing our own coffee at home to save money too. That is a great idea along with cooking at home. Thanks for the reminder of giving gifts because you have to keep the romance alive! Thanks for sharing!

    Sincerely, Crystal Ross

    • It is the little things that matter. Saving money and doing something nice for your spouse is always a good and romantic thing

  9. I love the practical nature of this article. People often think, “Oh, it’s only $5,” without realizing how it all adds up over time. I learned long ago that if you spend $3 less a day than you have been, you are saving $1,000 a year. That’s airfare! Those coffees do add up and if you drink it at home, you can make it exactly the way you like it. If you make sandwiches at home, you are also assured of healthier ingredients (hopefully).

  10. Living near Seattle, there is a drive-thru coffee stand almost everywhere you turn. And yes, it gets expensive! I’m glad to say I have a coffee maker at home and actually drink more tea, than coffee. For the adventuresome couples, checking out Groupon, Living Social or Amazon Local can give great ideas for date nights and save them money.

  11. A couple really has no excuse for not keeping the fitre burning. Being extravagant is not the only was to show love, modesty and consistency is also key. I like it.


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