BallnChainz (BnCz) was created to share thought provoking articles when it comes to different aspects of relationships.  I have been in very good relationships, pain staking horrible relationships, married, divorced, and married again.  Articles on this site will be written either from a woman’s or a mans point of view or a combination of both (this entirely depends on the subject).  Some articles will be written in a way to help the reader think outside of their situations or to help them see the role they played which led to their current problems.  While other articles will be written just to spark a healthy debate among readers.

Here at BnCz we will have healthy discussions on good and bad; relationships, marriages, and divorces.  Some other topics will be about co-parenting in the same house or separate, raising respectful children, relationship finances and so on and so forth. If anyone visiting this blog has something that they would like BnCz to write about just send a message with the topic or issue.  Because this site is brand spanking new please share the articles you read here with your friends and family on all social media to help get more people engaged in the topics.

All topics and articles written here are open to positive comments and any disrespect of any kind will not be tolerated.  We are not professional therapist, counselors, accountants, or lawyers and all information on this site is for entertainment purposes.  Please consult a professional for any real issues that you may have.

P.S. Please feel free to share any articles on your social media, and don’t forget to leave a comment letting BnCz know what you think about the article. Your email address will not be visible to anyone and will not be used unless you request for us at BnCz to use it to contact you.

Thank you


  1. Love it! God knows we need some mature and experienced insight on how to maintain good, and let go of toxic relationships. Teach us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Very interesting and informative site. I have spent quite a while (years) trying to figure out how to be better in relationships so am looking forward to going through what you have to say. Thanks, Tim

    • Thanks for visiting Tim and we look forward to you coming back. The way a lot of the article are written is to make you think about certain situations and how you may handle them. others are just the thoughts of people after we have had a discussion with them about a subject. Hope you like what you read…


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