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Jubair LeGrand graduated from college with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering.   Jubair has spent most of his 20 year career in Telecommunications and has also been employed as a Military Contractor for companies that work with many different branches of the Military. After going through a Divorce in 2008, Jubair began helping friends and family members who were having problem with their relationships and/or thinking about divorce.  Jubair’s personal belief is, “life is too short to spend it in an unhappy relationship, so let’s work on your happiness.”

Tyanna Motley-LeGrand is a Minister whose career primarily consisted of being the co-owner of a hair salon and a licensed cosmetologist for over 20 years.   Since that time, Tyanna has followed her passion for people which allows her to speak with youth everyday about life after high school and discovering their purpose in life.  In addition to ministering the Word of God, she also provides consultation, team building and leadership training for individuals, businesses and organizations.  Tyanna enjoys coaching youth, relationship coaching, as well as, coaching singles to assist them in obtaining the life that brings them joy and peace.  Under the auspice of helping people find their purpose, her motto for life is “one day, one person, can say one thing that change your life forever.” 

Jubair and Tyanna met while they were individually enjoying a hobby that they both love, ROLLER SKATING!   The skating rink eventually became their second home as they became friends and enjoyed spending time at the “The Rink” and with each other.  From that point, everything changed for both of them and in 2013 Jubair and Tyanna married!  Over the years, Jubair and Tyanna found themselves coaching family, friends and even strangers with their relationships, divorce issues, life challenges and goals.  These wonderful opportunities happened very organically and, as a result, they discussed creating a website to help people reach their goals, have great relationships and move on in their lives and relationships after divorce.  As they discussed it further, they agreed that there was more to give and added coaching Blended Families, Premarital Coaching and Marriage Maintenance, in an effort to  help couples before they reach the point of divorce.  Finally, they came up with the name BallnChainz (which was taken from the old saying “The old ball and chain”) but their motto is, “a family is only as strong as it’s weakest link.”

Once that decision was definite, the floodgates opened and they immediately began helping people in a greater capacity. In addition to answering questions and coaching friends and family,  strangers would seem to be drawn to them at different times and would come up to them and ask them relationship questions and for advice, so they would coach them on the spot. With a passion for helping people in relationships and a desire to have a greater impact, Jubair and Tyanna began writing articles based on the questions, comments and discussions they would have.  There were many areas that would inspire them, something they saw on television or social media, a phrase that the Pastor said, or just a topic that they thought people may want to read about. Only a few people were aware that they were the authors and creators of this website.  They remained anonymous for three years, building a following that now reaches a national and international audience.

After three years of being anonymous, the couple embraced the next level of their calling and are now public. They are Certified Life Coaches and specialize in all aspects of relationships including but not limited to Marriage, Blended Families, Family Finances, and Divorce Recovery.  Jubair and Tyanna count it as an honor and a privilege to be able to use this platform to bring help, hope and healing to so many lives.