A lot of people like to try to get the last word when having a discussion or disagreement with their spouse.  One of the biggest issues that men have in a relationship occurs before the disagreement or argument starts.  Men have an uncanny (or idiotic) sense of getting the first word in at the wrong time.  Here is a list of times when men should just “Practice Shut Up”.

8.  When your wife comes home from the mall with three pair of expensive shoes and doesn’t ask for your opinion.  Instead of asking why she would buy three pair of shoes that are the same color (men, you will never see outside of the basic primary colors) just “Practice shut up” and be happy that she only came home with three.

7.  When you finished cooking a nice meal all for your selfish self (yes I know that’s not correct) then you ask your wife to clean the dishes.  Before you get hit with a frying pan you should “Practice Shut Up”, get your lazy butt up, and get to cleaning.

6.  When your wife comes home and sees the 65 inch HD TV and without knowing that she checked the bank account before she left work you say something stupid like “insert best friend’s name who is also an idiot here” lost a bet and gave it to me.  Instead of lying, don’t try to explain why you are stupid; just apologize and “Practice Shut Up”.

5.  When your wife says that she is going to the mall and you’re thinking “Don’t spend too much money.”  Do just that, “think it” because if you don’t “Practice Shut Up” and actually say it she may just spend more money out of spite.

4.  When your wife comes home from a hard day’s work upset and the first thing you ask her is, what she is cooking for dinner even though you have been on the couch for the last 2 hours watching sports center.  You probably should have thought ahead because this is a perfect time to “Practice Shut Up.”

3.  When your wife’s best friend that you can’t stand comes over who feels the same about you, “Practice Shut Up” and go to your man cave away from all of the cackling and enjoy your peace.

2.  When you’re in your glory watching sports and your wife comes in complaining about it.  Instead of opening your yap trap and saying something like “This is better than any of your house wives shows” remember to just smile, continue cheering for your team, and “Practice Shut Up”, it’s so much simpler.

1.  When your wife tells you that her mother is coming to stay for a month, this one is self explanatory, just walk away and “Practice Shut Up.”

Though communication is one of the most important things in a relationship, knowing when and how to communicate is just as important.  Remember that it’s not always what you say but how you say it.  I hope these simple tips can help you keep the peace at home, shutting up can be a beautiful thing.  Ladies the same could be said for you but the list would be too long for me to type tonight.  LOL relax, I’m just kidding, but seriously.

Author:  B.A.M


  1. Haha 🙂 After so many years, a lot of couples just get in tune with each other. I definitely know when it practice shut up with hubby. Now if only hubby would talk more, he too might need to practice shut up as well.


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