Most people know when they are at the end of their rope and just going through the motions until it is the right time to break free.  Then there is the man who is riding the free wave of the relationship and constantly taking but never putting anything positive into the relationship.  I am all about trying to work a relationship out and not giving in until you have exhausted all the possibilities, but when you are stuck with a loser that is bringing you down, has cheated on you numerous times and refuses to change, here are some ways that will let him know that he is about to be single.

10.  She talks bad about you on the phone, while in the same room as you like you’re not even there.  Friend: “What are you doing girl”  Her: “What am I doing,  nothing just sitting here wishing this idiot would get out of my face, go somewhere and never come back”

9.    When you call her on the phone the call always goes straight to voice mail and when you call from a number she doesn’t know and she quickly recognizes your voice, she makes up an excuse to get off the phone before you can say another word after “hey babe”

8.    When you send her a text message you never get a response and when you ask her about it you get this same response “I was driving when you text me and that is illegal” even though you have witnessed her putting makeup on with their left hand, texting with their right hand and driving with her knee all at the same time on numerous occasions.

7.    You hear her talking on the phone about a movie that you told her looked good and that you wanted to take her to see a few days ago.  Then when you ask her about it she say something like “oh I thought you said I should go see that so I took my friend and you were right it was good”

6.    She falls asleep on the couch almost every night with the exception of you falling asleep on the couch, then she gets in the bed.

5.    She get home from work at 6, sit in the car until 7:30, then gets mad when you ask what took her so long to come in the house she responds with something like “what you keeping tabs on me for, you aren’t my father, just mind your own business and worry about you.

4.    She volunteers to work overtime at her job but you know she doesn’t like her job and she can’t stand her co-workers.  What this clueless idiot is oblivious to is the fact that she would rather stay with people she can’t stand to be around at a job she doesn’t like rather than spend time with the person she is supposed to be in a relationship.  This idiot will say something like “OK get that money babe…”

3.    She hasn’t had sex with you in months because her head is always hurting and when it’s not her head it’s her time of the month. (pretty much self-explanatory)

2.    Money starts disappearing out of your joint account and when you ask her about it she says she is going through some things and had to go on a shopping spree to make herself feel better, but, you never saw any bags come in or anything delivered to the house.  What you did see is a bank statement from some other bank in her name only that you didn’t know she had.

Now if the man is too stupid to realize after all of this that the relationship is over, here is a sure fire way for him to know…

1.   You come home to an empty house.  I mean everything is gone except his clothes, the raggedy pull out sofa and a note that says “since you are too stupid to recognize the signs I wrote you this note to let you know that I’m breaking up with you and moving out”.

Author: B.A.M


  1. hello Jay,
    I could relate no8 nd no9 with my past. The rest of the signs you mentioned here are worth noting too. Every heart breaking incident gives some signals before they finally occur. It is up to us how we tackle with the issue.

    • Thanks Tuhin,
      Yeah I can relate to a few of them myself and have been on the other side and have been guilty of the some of those actions. You are right, how we handle the issues is key.


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